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The Best Tips For Surviving A Plane Middle Seat

Winter or summer – flying can be tough. Their is a new trend called rawdogging, but there are better ways to make flying cough, or gulp, in the middle seat better…

Travel is remaining strong and the airlines are packing in more and more people to the same planes. The average legrooms decreased from a comfortable 35 inches to a cramped 28 inches, often found on low-cost carriers. While the actual seat width has also shrunk by as much as four inches over the past 30 years, leaving many seats with a narrow 16-inch width. So long flights in the middle seat can be a challenge, but the good thing is the right prep and mind set can make it more tolerable.

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There is a new trend among some males called rawdogging. It takes the form of a monk-like asceticism while in the air, denying any entertainment, reading, food and just focusing on the space ahead. Apparently you can stare at the flight tracker as the only distraction. While meditation can make the trip a more enlightened experience, this sounds somewhat awful…especially for flights over 4 hours. Instead, here are the best tips surviving a plane middle seat.

Store your bag in the overhead bin

In order to stretch your legs and have some more space, take out all the items you need – headphones, water, books, tablets – and store your bag in the overhead bin. Just because flight attendants say there’s not enough space in the plane doesn’t mean that you should be in pain.

Have headphones and entertainment in hand

Having a middle seat means you are between two people, increasing the odds of having a talkative neighbor. Have a pair of efficient headphones in order to have an easy way out to talkative neighbors or just escape mental. Ways to lose your way while reading or getting lost in a movie another way.  Load something you have really loved or want to enjoy so you can savor it even in tight quarters. This could be your change to binge watch something on your list.

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Use the restroom before boarding

Before the whole plane boarding mayhem begins, make some time to visit the bathroom. Being in the middle seat means that you’ll likely be awoken by your window neighbor when they’re on their way to the restroom and you’ll have a hard time going there yourself if you’re shy about waking the person that’s on the aisle seat.

Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

Gummies – either CBD or marijuana

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Chicago report low levels tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the main psychoactive compound in marijuana, does reduce stress. A discreet gummy can make the trip more relaxing and you might enjoy your entertainment of choice better. If you want the benefits without the high, consider a CBD gummy.  Just make sure you plan for the timing as most gummies take longer to absorb into the system.

Pay extra and avoid it

If you still find the middle seat too uncomfortable, pay extra for an aisle or a window seat and avoid all of this drama. While getting a seat upgrade generally comes with a significant bump in ticket price, you’ll at least have the space you want for sleeping and stretching.


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