Olympic Tourists Can’t Get Enough Of South Korea’s ‘Penis Park’

Literally everything is shaped like a penis. That’s the draw for Olympic tourists visiting South Korea’s infamous Haesindang Park, otherwise known as “Penis Park.”

You Can Now Buy The iPhone 7 For Half The Price Of The iPhone X

For $500, you can buy a certified refurbished iPhone 7 or 7 plus; devices that, although a year old, are still very capable of handling Apple’s latest software and updates.

Money Actually Can Buy Happiness And Here’s How Much It Costs

It's been debatable whether or not money can buy happiness. But a new study just proved that it is indeed possible. And they even came up with an exact amount of what it would cost. And it's not that much.

3 Basic Settings On Your Phone That You Should Change

When you buy a phone, the last thing you do is mess with its settings. At least that's what I try to avoid, believing that if I tinker with the phone's original settings, I'll disrupt the magic and balance of the new device.

Kate Middleton Sends Demand Soaring For This Surprising Fashion Accessory

It's not a secret Kate Middleton has perfect hair, and now we know the reason. It's a little trick that was big back in the day and now, thanks to the Duchess of Cambridge, is back in fashion.

Here’s How You Can Permanently Delete All Of Your Social Media Accounts

In theory, social media is amazing. In practice, it can be overwhelming and hard to cope with, making some people unhappy and stressed.

Chrissy Teigen Creatively Skirts Around Instagram’s Nudity Policies

Sometimes you just want to show off your fruits and vegetables when you’re preparing a salad. That was Chrissy Teigen’s m.o. when she posted a pic on Instagram of herself crafting what looks to be a delicious salad at home.

Couple’s Marijuana Wedding Included $8K Of Marijuana

While marijuana-themed weddings have become an ongoing trend in the past couple of years, with cannabis companies sprouting up to serve that specific wedding market, those people have nothing on this couple.

Who’ll Be Invited To Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Wedding?

One of the most debated subjects right now is who'll make the guest list to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding, with half-siblings and all sorts of people popping up from every corner claiming that they expect an invitation.

Apple Is Finally Changing How They Make Their Software

It only took a decade and a couple of scandals for Apple to switch things up and do something they haven't done before.