Friday, September 22, 2023


How To Actually Get Stuff Done When You’re High On Cannabis

How can you stay productive while using cannabis regularly?

Secrets To Growing Great Weed

Establishing high-quality cultivation facilities is critical to running a profitable cannabis enterprise.

Weed Etiquette 101: What To Know Before Getting Social

Keep in mind that all circles will be different, and some may have specific rules in place.

Talking To Your Kids About Cannabis In 2023

More and more kids are asking their parents about marijuana

What is Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome

CHS is a rare phenomenon that often affects seasoned weed users.

NY’s First Marijuana Dispensary Is Now Open — Here’s What To Know Before You Shop

As we enter 2023, the state has finally opened its first recreational legal dispensary...nearly two years after legalizing it.

Holiday Hangover? Here’s How To Stop It Before It Strikes

Here are some tips that can help you drink while lowering your odds of a bad time the next day.

5 Habits For Marijuana Users To Develop

Every day gives the opportunity to improve or reinvent ourselves! Here are 5 habits for marijuana users to develop.

You Received Weed As A Holiday Gift — Here’s What You Should Know

As a rule, don’t mix weed gifts and cash-related gifts whenever possible.

Sober For The Holidays? Here Are 3 Tips To Help

Trying to get through the holidays without the help of any kind of substance is a tall order, but it's still possible if it's a priority.

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