Thursday, November 30, 2023

Marijuana Legislation

The French And Marijuana

Are the French the most accepting of marijuana in Europe? Does the joie de vivre extend to legal use of cannabis?

NYC Pushes Unlicensed Cannabis Enforcement to Landlords

YIKES, with failing results, NYC looks at pushing unlicensed cannabis enforcement to landlords.

Florida Has A Math Problem When It Comes To Cannabis

Florida's government has a math problem with cannabis - they want 0 and the population wants 100%.

NYC Pushes Unlicensed Cannabis Enforcement to Landlords

YIKES, with no plan they enforce, NYC pushes landlords to deal with unlicensed dispensaries.

Sleep Apnea And Medical Marijuana – A Good Combo?

President Biden has joined million to be diagnosed with sleep apnea. Would medical marijuana help?

The Epic Global Battle Over Marijuana – Worthy of A Marvel Movie

The United Nations may be stepping into the global marijuana legalization war on the side of data and science.

Exclusive: #3 In Senate Talks About SAFER Banking

Patty Murray, the number 3 in the Senate, shared her view on Safe Banking and the marijuana industry.

Marijuana At Summer Concerts

Over 25% of us will be heading to a summer concert! Enhance the experience? Tips on marijuana at summer concerts

Dangerous Snails, Flesh Eating Seaweed? Florida Needs Marijuana

Snails, flesh eating seaweed, Florida's governor needs to let people chill during this plague filled summer!

Taiwan And China Share At Least On Thing – Bad Marijuana Policy

Taiwan and China's relationship is getting more rocky. But they have at least one thing in common - a bad marijuana policy

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