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More Is NOT Better When Dealing With Anxiety

Science has proven the cannabis plant has medical benefits…but it shows more is not better.

Anxiety is something most people experience at some point, but for some, they experience it way more frequently. An estimated 31.1% experience an anxiety disorder at some time in their lives. Cannabis can help with anxiety, but dosage is a key. It is a case of too much hurts rather than helps. Studies show low THC with a mix of CBD can be the most effective treatment. It is always good if you have a mid or long term issue with anxiety to talk with a health professional and work with them to find the right dosage, just like any other medication.

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Microdosing has become very popular for those who use medical marijuana. The most common reasons including anxiety and chronic pain. More complex reasons include treatment of cognitive deficits, mental illnesses, and many diseases considered incurable.   But to understand the benefits, you have to understand your situation and dosing. Microdosing means using between 2.5-5 mg to take the edge off and allow the plant’s benefits to take evenMore research is being put into the benefits of marijuana, but it important to work with professionals.

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Like alcohol, there needs to be an eye on the amount and strength of marijuana consumed. In a of study published in JAMA Psychiatry this week found regularly consuming high-THC marijuana and marijuana products could lead to mental health and addiction problems down the road.

Specifically, researchers reported those who consistently used high-THC marijuana were four times more likely to abuse the drug and twice as likely to develop anxiety disorders. The study’s authors added regularly consuming potent cannabis increases your chances of subsequent illicit drug use by 30%. The study had a significant limitation, the authors wrote, regarding where participants sourced their cannabis with survey respondents not having scientific way of determining THC levels in their cannabis.

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Previous research has show that today’s marijuana is stronger than it needs to be. This is especially true when buying illegal marijuana, as black market producers breed cannabis strains designed to deliver the highest high to consumers in hopes they’ll come back for more. A study published earlier this year also found that 70-90% of medical marijuana products were too strong for effective chronic pain relief.


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