Philadelphia Mayor Wants Marijuana Sold In Liquor Stores

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney believes Pennsylvania should consider selling recreational marijuana in state-run liquor stores.

Gossip: Caitlyn Jenner Confirms She Has Stopped Talking To Kim Kardashian; Mariah Carey Getting Back With Nick Cannon

The latest celeb gossip from our friends over at NG: Caitlyn Jenner confirms she has stopped talking to Kim Kardashian; Mariah Carey getting back with Nick Cannon.

Las Vegas Cannabis Clubs Might Be Modeled On Amsterdam

Current lasw leave many with no place to enjoy legal marijuana, as no state permits public consumption. No worries, Las Vegas cannabis clubs are coming.

Papa John’s Misty Is The Very Real Indie Musician You Will Soon Love

Though Papa John Misty crafts aching, delirious records, he also has a habit of breaking the internet. Every interview he does is a bona fide event.

How To Lie About Your Lifestyle Online Like Bow Wow With These Tips

Shad Moss is, ostensibly, a rapper. As Bow Wow, he once had a (I guess) successful hip hop career and released songs that were played.

Retired NFL Players Speak Out About Marijuana And Pain

Nine former NFL players from the Denver Broncos Alumni Association met recently to tour a facility that’s helping bring them relief.

Learn How To Create Some Of ‘Seinfeld’s Classic Food Dishes

To say Seinfeld is a “show about nothing” is a misdirection. It focuses on meaningless quotidian minutia, which is something.

Gossip: Kendall Jenner Loves To Be ‘Sexual’ For Photoshoots; Steve Harvey Sent This Email To His Staff

The latest celeb gossip from our friends over at NG: Kendall Jenner loves to be ‘sexual’ for photoshoots; Steve Harvey sent this email to his staff.

Who Is Shaving Cats Without Permission In Virginia? 

Something weird is going down in Waynesboro, Virginia. A rogue cat-shaver is on the loose....

Kids Will Love It: 7 Trendy Unicorn Foods You Can Make At Home

Not to be confused with swirly rainbow cotton candy foods, unicorn foods have a whimsical, colorful charm that make them super appealing to all ages.