Wednesday, January 29, 2020


‘Kid-Friendly’ Strain Names Outlawed in Oregon

The time has come in Oregon to say goodbye to some popular strain names. So long, Girl Scout Cookies, Grape Ape and other names deemed "attractive to children" by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, the agency responsible for state's...

How Does Cannabis Help You? Tell Us Your Story

Is cannabis your medicine? Do you use it to help you sleep or relieve pain? If so, we want you to share your stories with The Fresh Toast.More and more Americans are discovering the medicinal value of the cannabis...

Medical Cannabis Research: Where It Is and Where It’s Going

Here at The Fresh Toast, we do our best to keep on top on the new and rapidly changing field of medical cannabis. But we know it’s useful sometimes to take a pause, pull back, and see how it...

Could Cannabis Help Cure Hillary Clinton’s Case Of Pneumonia?

Being sick sucks. This is not a partisan matter. So, whether you are a bitter but starry-eyed Bernie fan (no judgement!), a know-it-all libertarian (some judgement), or an insurgent Trumpist (*bites tongue*), we hope you will join with us...

The Good, The Bad, And The Sucky About Cannabis And Mad Cow Disease

Today’s flashback takes you to 1995, the year when the noontime luster of Cool Britannia (embodied in this classic Pulp track) was dimmed by the shadow of mad cow disease, which had claimed its first ever human victim, just...

New Study Suggests Cannabis Induces Transient Amotivational Syndrome

What’s in a name? Plenty.Observing that stoners are “lazy” is likely to get you labeled as a troglodyte by your sophisticated friends. However, speculating that cannabis use may impede decision-making and, therefore, support the “Transient Amotivational Syndrome” hypothesis, might...

Here Are Some Known Unknowns About Medical Cannabis

On August 11, 2016, we were dealt an unexpected blow to supporters of medical cannabis research when it rejected two petitions to moderate its stance on marijuana. Instead, the federal agency reaffirmed its classification of the plant as a...

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Cannabis And Migraines: What The Feds Actually Want To Know

While many Americans suffer from migraines, very little information is on the market around why they occur and what truly can eliminate the affliction once and for all. 

How Birth Control Can Affect Your Sex Drive

Birth control pills are the most effective way of managing different hormonal conditions. The fact that they can lower people’s sex drives is understandably stressful.

The Oscar Nominees We Suspect Will Use The Weed In Their Gift Bag

Once again, Oscar nominees will receive a gift bag that includes marijuana, and we have an idea who will be the first to use it.

Does Marijuana Increase Sexual Appetite?

Some believe the herb puts them deeper in the moment, while others think this perceived enhancement is nothing more than a stoned illusion.