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Does Marijuana Affect Sperm Count In Healthy Males?

Certain activities, substances, or even physical environments can decrease male fertility by killing or damaging sperm cells.

5 Tips To Help You Connect To Your Long Term Partner

No matter how healthy your relationship is, you can always use a refresher on habits that make your partner feel more understood and your relationship more loving.

5 Ways To Help You Cope With A Workaholic Partner

There's a clear difference between a workaholic and a hard worker, and it's important for romantic partners to know the difference.

WATCH: This Is How You Should Dance To Be Sexy

Men find it more attractive when females bust out dance moves that include bigger swings of their hips and asymmetrical leg movements.

Schools In England Will Start Tackling Periods, Sexting And Consent

Schools in England will be taking a more social approach when it comes to sex education, providing information to their students about consent, sexting, periods, and more.

This Company Wants To Create Audio Porn For Women

"We portray the relationships and sex women deserve—fun, safe, and full of enthusiastic consent, characters they can respect, and worlds they want to lose themselves in."

5 Things You Should Do Before Having Sex

#1 — make a list. You don't want to be having sex while thinking about the fact that you need to buy more milk and clean out the fridge, right?

‘Out Of Context Pornhub’ Is Your New Favorite Twitter Account

Bad or good, the porn industry isn't running out of ideas anytime soon. And this Twitter account proves it.

Marijuana As A Sexual Aid? Here’s What The Experts Say

Many states permit the use of medical marijuana. Now there’s evidence that the herb might work as “marital marijuana,”

15 Questions To Determine If Your Relationship Is Hall Of Fame...

A relationship scientist has created a checklist of intangibles you can use to think about your own relationship.