Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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Bill Maher Offers Unique Defense Of Marijuana Legalization

Bill Maher is invoking a strategy long propagated by conservative politicians to defend marijuana legalization. But on a recent episode of his HBO show “Real Time,” Maher used states’ rights as a means to defending cannabis policy at the local level.

With a White House that includes Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions, left-leaning states like California and Colorado are focusing on state legislation to see through political action. Maher mentioned environmental regulations and immigration, as well as marijuana legalization as examples of this.

“We don’t much cotton to when the federal government thinks it knows better how to do things that we do here in our own state,” Maher said, speaking in a faux Southern, perhaps to satirize staunch anti-cannabis crusader Jeff Sessions.

“We’re just following in a long and hallowed conservative tradition. It’s just that now we’re the state that wants to be left alone.”


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