Wednesday, May 22, 2024

@CelebsonSandwiches Will Be Your New Favorite Instagram Account

Pop culture loves its sandwiches. The sandwich, as an entity, is an American touchstone on par with football, film, and white-picket fences.

A quick jog of the memory reminds one of that time Larry David’s favorite shop named a sandwich after him on Curb Your Enthusiasm. In true Curb fashion, Larry David hated it and tried to pawn it off on Ted Danson. Or there’s the classic Seinfeld episode where George Costanza combined pastrami and sex. And who could forget when Ross’ boss ate his sandwich on Friends?

So perhaps it was inevitable someone would combine pop culture and sandwiches in a more direct way. If you’re like us, and love sandwiches and celebrities equally, then @CelebsonSandwiches is about to be your new favorite Instagram account.

The man behind the account is Jeff McCarthy, a Los Angeles-based artist and director. McCarthy pairs a sandwich to a celebrity either based on an artist’s particular relationship with that sandwich, or what he thinks best represents each celebrity.

“The idea originally came to me, naturally, while eating a sandwich,” McCarthy explained to InStyle. “Our culture has a pretty serious love for celebrities and food, so pairing the two together just made sense. Instagram always felt like the perfect venue, so I posted the first painting and the series was born soon after.”

Each post is an original 8×10 watercolor painting that usually takes McCarthy anywhere from four to six hours to complete. Some of his favorites have included Notorious B.I.G., George Contanza, John Goodman, and Betty White. If one painting becomes your favorite, you can head over to Celebs on Sandwiches website where the originals are available for purchase.

Check out some of our personal standouts below.

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