Saturday, April 20, 2024

Chris Pratt Is A Horse-Whisperer

For its September issue, InStyle dubbed Chris Pratt a “Man of Style.” Judging by the photoshoot, it isn’t undeserved, either. While he says that in high school his primary shopping outlet was the thrift store, opting for “silk Hawaiian T-shirts and bell-bottom jeans,” but times have, of course, changed.

Pratt’s evolution from funny schtick guy on Parks & Recreation to somehow embodying a new kind of masculine movie star is pretty surprising. It seemed to have happened almost overnight, too. Although does anything really happen over night? Ok, sure, the moon comes out, but that’s not the point! Point is, who would’ve thought the guy helming sexy dude title for InStyle was once this dude?


Well, turns out he’s still that dude. That’s why we love him. To provide behind-the-scenes commentary on the photoshoot, Pratt posted the pictures on Instagram and offered (often hilarious) insights into how it really went down. And he kept it all the way [red 100 emoji]. Check out the actor’s captions below, which includes thoughts on Pratt’s horse-whispering abilities.


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