Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Does Chris Evans Smoke Weed?

Rumors are swirling that Evans is going to be squeezing back into his Marvel suit to reprise his role as Captain America.

Chris Evans’s rise as one of America’s most famous actors has been steady and consistent. Ever since he first appeared in Not Another Teen Movie in the early 2000s, Evans outshined the majority of his cast mates, who’ve had varying degrees of success in Hollywood. He’s played different parts, from romantic lead to action hero, until he ultimately was cast as Captain America as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) franchise. The rest is history. What we want to know is: Does Chris Evans smoke weed?

After much fuss over the end of his reign as Captain America (Evans was thought to have ended his tenure in 2019’s Avengers: Endgame) it was recently announced that he was in discussion with Disney over reprising the role, surprising no one. There are few things more reliable than a Marvel movie.

But what we want to know is: Does he smoke weed?

Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Staff/Getty Images

In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Evans talked about his marijuana habit and how much he loved it. “I’ve chilled out on weed,”  he said. “I used to love it, but now I think it’s the one thing that gets in my way. It zaps your motivation.”

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Evans grew up in California, one of the best places to live if you’re someone who loves weed. Of his early days in the industry, he said, “It’s exactly what you think it is. A lot of young actors. A lack of parental supervision. A lot of, uh, debauchery. You make a lot of strange connections with a lot of thirsty people, but you kind of are one of the thirsty people, too. It was a great time. It really was. It’s like the L.A. welcoming committee. The same kids I met there are probably still kicking around, meeting the new batch of kids and showing them where to buy weed. You had to know that, back then. You couldn’t just walk into a store.”

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When asked whether he smokes pot or not, he said he doesn’t smoke as much as he used to and that being stoned all the time isn’t good for his productivity, which is very understandable. “I think apathy kind of bleeds in, and you start to think, ‘Well, I’m not apathetic, I just don’t feel like doing that.’ And it’s like, no—you would feel like doing that if you weren’t stoned,” he said. “And, you know—I’m 37. I can’t be smoking weed all the time. That’s crazy.”


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