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Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis Arrested For Weed, Responds Like A Supervillain

It was announced last weekend that former NBA player Glen “Big Baby” Davis had been arrested for marijuana possession, though the incident in question occurred in February. Police said they’d found 126 grams of marijuana, or almost one-fourth of a pound, and cash in the Maryland hotel room Davis was occupying. According to a local cable news report, Davis allowed cops to search the room after a hotel manager smelled marijuana emanating from his room.

Davis was instrumental in the 2008 Boston Celtics national championship and last played for the Los Angeles Clippers in 2015.

The real story, however, revolves around Davis’ response to these reports. In a stunning turn of events, Davis recorded an Instagram video claiming his innocence and his excitement to “have my day in court. They’re just mad because a black man got money, man. Just trying to keep a black man down.”

Davis says this while aboard a private jet munching on Popeye’s chicken beside an open briefcase of money, with his Celtics championship ring adorning the cash, like a cherry atop an ice cream sundae. To clarify, those are some things you normally don’t see in a video claiming one’s innocence; it’s more akin to a Marvel villain revealing his dastardly plans right before the superheroes catch him. That might explain why Big Baby removed the video from his account, but it has been recorded on Twitter for your viewing pleasure.

“Don’t believe all that s*** on the Internet, man,” Davis says.

The former NBA player is estimated to have made $33 million from his playing days. His Bel-Air court date is schedule for early April.

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