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Gossip: Blac Chyna Not Done With Rob Kardashian Yet; New Details On Fergie And Josh’s Split

Blac Chyna may be settling her custody war with Rob Kardashian … but she’s not done with him in court.

Sources close to BC tell TMZ … Chyna did NOT settle her beef with Rob over his revenge porn meltdown …. when he plastered nude pics of her all over social media. Chyna is determined to get her pound of flesh from Rob, in the form of seven figures. She’s still fuming over losing a couple of weight-loss endorsements, she says because the pics made it apparent she’s had plastic surgery and the companies want au naturel.

New Details On Fergie And Josh’s Split

“Fergie was the one who ended the marriage because she could not take it anymore,” the source said. “She didn’t think he was in love with her anymore. And she was not sure she was in love with him, either,” according to a new report. Fergie’s jealousy issues also drove a wedge between the pair. “She became so consumed in jealousy that it really tore them apart,” the source said.

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