Sunday, June 23, 2024

Gossip: Chris Pine Uses A Flip-Phone; Tom Cruise Hasn’t Seen Daughter In 1,346 Days

In the age of technology and chaos, Chris Pine yearns for simplicity. In fact, the Wonder Woman star uses a flip phone instead of a smart phone.

“I have a flip-phone. The flip world is a whole world you gotta get into,” Pine, 36, told “Good Morning America” anchor Michael Strahan Tuesday.

“I’ll tell you what, here we go,” Pine attempted to explain his technology quirk. “I recently got a record player and a flip phone. I kind of like the simplifying down. I just like the simple, I just like the non-complicated.”

While the globe is desperate to constantly spread and share information, Pine wants to back away. “I don’t want to be connected so much,” he added. Despite making life simple, having a flip phone comes with its own setbacks – including difficulty texting.

“I don’t know if you remember, like, T9?” he quipped about having a limited number of buttons. “Like you remember when you had to do that T9 thing, wow!”

Tom Cruise Hasn’t Seen Daughter Suri In-person In 1,346 Days

Tom said words about his daughter Suri. Tom hasn’t said much of anything to or about Suri in many, many years. Most people believe that he’s completely cut off ties with Suri and that CoS has convinced him that Suri is a Suppressive Person (SP). Anyway, Tom was asked if he thinks Suri wants to become an actor like her parents, and all Tom said was “You never know, you never know.”

In Touch Weekly says Tom just ignores Suri now. Like, he was in LA for this Mummy Day thing and Katie Holmes and Suri were in LA too, just a few miles away and Tom “did not set up a visit with her” and after the event, he got on a plane to Australia. In Touch says that he hasn’t seen Suri in person in “1,346 days.”

Don’t touch the hair. Tom’s surrounded by people, and those people tell other people to “step away” from The Cruise. The Cruise’s hair will not be touched by mere mortals. The Cruise’s hair will not be touched by Australian TV hair stylists. One of Tom’s people said that staffers are not allowed to touch the hair unless he was in total “privacy.”

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