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Gossip: Joe And Teresa Giudice Split; Kris Jenner’s Nigerian Boyfriend Wants Her To Quit Show

“Teresa and Joe have decided to split,” sources tell Naughty Gossip. “While he has been in jail she has been living life as a single mother and has not missed him. They have decided that once he is out of jail they are better of living apart. Things have changed between them and he will not be just moving back into the house. They are over. They could get back together again but it is very doubtful.”

Joe Giudice has spent the last year fighting for the right to enter an alcohol rehabilitation program while in behind bars. The star was barred from participating in the program as completion of the rehabilitation would grant him a reduced sentences. Considering the serious charges against him, it’s fair that the court doesn’t want him out any time soon!

Then again, according to new information about Joe’s final hours before entering prison (as described in Teresa Giudice’s new book) it really seems like Joe could benefit from the program.

Kris Jenner’s Nigerian Boyfriend Wants Her To Quit Show

“Kris is in love with her new guy and the money. He is a billionaire. He wants her to quit the show and leave the USA and she is thinking about it,” sources tell Naughty Gossip. “Kris has worked soooo hard for soooo long, that she is over it. No-one ever says thank you and she wants to have a man in her life and her bad. But at the same time she loves the fame and the money. He can give her more money than she ever dreamed about – but can Kris say goodbye to the fame?”

Kris Jenner has her eyes set on becoming richer beyond her wildest dreams. As rumors are circulating that she’s broken up with boyfriend Corey Gamble (after three years of dating), word on the street has it the 61-year-old Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is getting getting cozy with a new man who just happens to be filthy rich. There’s been whispers that the momager is secretly seeing a Nigerian billionaire in line to inherit a successful oil empire.

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