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Gossip: Ryan Seacrest Has A Gold Phone And Sits On A Tiny Throne; Jennifer Lopez Teaching Alex A Sexy New Trick

Ryan Seacrest lives like a king – literally– with a gold phone and a tiny throne in his new fabulous New York City townhouse.

“Ryan has hired Nate Berkus’s husband, Jeremiah Brent, to make his new $70,000-a- month rental house perfect. Part of the additions have been a gold phone and a tiny throne for Ryan to sit on like a king,” one source who has seen his new space tells Straight Shuter. “All the furniture is small. He has two white leather chairs with black piping in his living rooms that are very low to the ground. His white marble coffee table is also very low. He also has the smallest black candle on the table that you have ever seen. In fact the only thing in the place that is big is his huge golden phone.”

Jennifer Lopez Teaching Alex A Sexy New Trick

Jennifer Lopez thinks she has found the almost perfect man in Alex, but there is one thing she wants him to do a little better –and it so happens that that little something is something she can help him with!

“Jennifer is teaching Alex how to dance. He has great rhythm and can move those Latino hips, but he needs a few lessons to take the floor at his wedding with one of the greatest dancers of all time,” sources tell Straight Shuter. “Jennifer is teaching him. She is patient and loves showing him a few killer moves. He is a brilliant student and if he’s going to dance with his lady he knows he could do with a little help.”

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