Monday, February 26, 2024

Gwyneth Paltrow Says Jeff Bezos Ghosted Her; J-Lo Not Bothered By Cheating Rumors

Jennifer Lopez ‘heard the cheating rumors in the past & has never let it bother her’

Jennifer Lopez is turning the other cheek after Jose Canseco accused her new fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, of being unfaithful.

“She’s heard the cheating rumors in the past and has never let it bother her,” a source tells Us Weekly exclusively. “She trusts him and his love. They are inseparable and together almost all of the time. Jose Canseco has an ax to grind, but she doesn’t hear the noise.”

Gwyneth Paltrow says Jeff Bezos ghosted her

While in conversation with CNN anchor Poppy Harlow at SXSW on Monday morning, the Goop creator revealed that the Amazon founder got in touch with her following a December Wall Street Journal article, only to leave her hanging.

“In the Wall Street Journal, they asked me about my mentors, like you have, and I said, ‘Oh sometimes I, like, cold call people,’ and they said, ‘Well has anyone not called you back?’ And I said, ‘Yes, Jeff Bezos,’” she told an audience at the Austin Convention Center.

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“So after that came out, I got an email and the subject was ‘Jeff Bezos.’ And the sender was Jeff Bezos! The body of the email said, ‘Hi there Gwyneth, the Wall Street Journal told me you wanna talk to me.’ So, I wrote him back and then he wrote me and then I said, ‘I would die for the opportunity to sit down and ask you a bunch of questions’ … and he never wrote me back,” she explained.

The actress-turned-wellness guru continued, “He’s got a lot going on.”

“He’s, like, the only guy who never wrote you back,” Harlow, 36, said with a laugh.

Kim Kardashian to cover released prisoner rent

Thanks to Kim Kardashian West, one of the first inmates released after federal sentencing reforms won’t have to worry about rent for five years.

Matthew Charles told The Tennessean last week that he couldn’t find permanent housing since his Jan. 3 release, in part due to his criminal history.

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But on Sunday, Charles announced that Kardashian West, an advocate for criminal justice reform, will be helping him out. He said she’s not doing it to get attention, but he just had to share it.

Convicted of a nonviolent drug offense in 1996, Charles received national attention because he was ordered back to prison in 2018, two years after his sentence was ruled unfair.


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