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How The NBA And Fans Paid Tribute To Craig Sager’s Iconic Fashion Sense

NBA broadcaster Craig Sager lost a long battle with cancer Thursday morning. He was 65.

The basketball world across the country mourned his life and paid tribute in various ways. San Antonio head coach Gregg Popovich delivered a heartfelt note to media while Golden State’s Steve Kerr led the crowd in a “moment of joy” for the late Sager.

Another way many remembered Sager was in that disarmingly flashy style he lived his life—through his fashion. No one pulled off more colorful, more popping suits than him. It painted him—and I do mean painted—him an easy, bright target for jokes, but Sager was in on it. Or he didn’t care. You couldn’t tell him those suits weren’t fly. After a while, we all started to agree with him.

So it was fitting many players and stars and fans honored Craig Sager’s life through his fashion. The designer who created many of those zany suits honored him. His TNT family couldn’t help but laugh—and praise—the man’s style. He will be missed.


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