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JK Rowling Sues Assistant For Scamming The S*** Out Of Her

Amanda Donaldson, J.K. Rowling’s former personal assistant, is accused of violating work protocol by making several unauthorized purchases with Rowling’s credit card. According to the BBC, Donaldson spent over $31,000 on different expenses, including two cats and a whole lot of candles.

Donaldson worked with Rowling for a couple of years, starting off in February 2014 until her dismissal in April 2017. She spent over $1,600 on two cats (very fancy ones, apparently), $2,100 on Starbuck orders, and $1,900 on candles. Donaldson duties as personal assistant included the management of fan requests of toys and memorabilia, which she’s also accused of stealing. She’s your average fan girl.

Via The BBC:

Ms Rowling also claims Ms Donaldson, who controlled memorabilia requests from fans, used her position to steal a Harry Potter motorised Hogwarts Express worth £467.56 ($610.22), a Harry Potter Wizard Collection worth £2231.76 ($2,912.69) and a Harry Potter Tales of Beedle The Bard Set worth £395 ($515.52).

Although $31,000 seems like a lot of money for us average human beings, Rowling is worth an estimated $650 billion. Does she really have to sue this poor cat lady and obvious Harry Potter fan? Ok, so she stole some money and that’s wrong, but Rowling can make that back in an hour, tops.

Donaldson denies all of Rowling’s accusations and the case is due back in court later this year.


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