Monday, May 23, 2022
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Kenny G Has Some Hilarious Dad Humor For You On Twitter

Often times, a celebrity has been part of the public consciousness so long you sort of forget they exist. For older celebrities, it evolves in either a) appearing on C-level reality TV shows to force themselves back into pop culture or b) they stay within their self-created fiefdom.

The latter seemed to be the way of Kenny G, the most well-known saxophone player in the past 25 years or so. But then we learned that Kenny G can be pretty damn funny on Twitter.

Many celebrated this popular tweet, it likely appearing in your feed at some time or another. But many more are missing out on how routinely comedic Kenny G can be now that he’s embraced his lighter side.

Is it kind of corny dad humor? Sure! If you were in high school band, you probably heard (or made) some of these jokes. But you’d be lying if Kenny G’s tweets didn’t at least produce a chuckle. And who doesn’t need some of those nowadays?



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