Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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Netflix Makes Games Now? Meet Flixarcade, Your New Obsession

Netflix is no stranger to coming up with clever ways to advertise their shows, doing stuff that ranges from developing an amazing presence on social media to creating websites that pass for real law enforcement offices and phone numbers that have answering machines. The company sure knows how to keep their viewers engaged while simultaneously providing content that people are desperate to consume.

Their latest advertising adventure is the development of a simple side scroller browser game that models the looks of the eight-bit video games of the ’90s. Flixarcade is a website where you can play as the main character from four different Netflix shows.

The gameplay is simple, consisting of only the space bar as a means to make your character jump, but the games are complex in their looks, varying from one another due to their design and their music, which are the main themes of each show with an 8-bit twist.

Stranger Things

Here you play as Mike, who’s running through the fictional town of Hawkins. Your main objective is to jump up and catch the Eggos, all the while avoiding the scientists and demogorgons. 

Orange is the New Black

Piper runs through prison trying to catch chickens while you listen to Regina Spector’s “You’ve Got Time” on a loop. Why aren’t you playing this right now?

Marco Polo

The choice to make a Marco Polo game is a puzzling one, considering the fact that the show might be Netflix biggest critical flop. You play as the main character. We assume he is Marco Polo? 

You can play all the different games here.


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