Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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Kim Kardashian Was A Total Nightmare On The ‘Ocean’s Eight’ Set

She’s making a cameo in the highly-anticipated Ocean’s Eight film but was such a disaster on the set that producers worry they might not be able to use her performance.

“Kim reported to the set Monday to film scenes for her big debut but she was terrible. She couldn’t remember her line and is a terrible actor,” sources tell Naughty GossipI. “It took her 15 attempts to say four lines. Everyone was waiting hours and hours for her to get it right. It was a disaster. In the end they told her to forget her lines and just say whatever she wanted.”


The 36-year-old is actually the pseudo star of the film as it centers around a jewelry heist at a fake Met Gala event with Kim Kardashian as the intended target.

Kim filmed some scenes in January at the Met, but needed to film again as they were not happy with her first performance.

The makers of ‘Ocean’s Eight’ have made a $1 million donation to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in order recreate the Met Gala.

This piece comes to us from our friends over at Naughty Gossip.

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