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Gossip: Lindsay Lohan Making A Lot Of Shady ‘Research’ Trips To Russia; Brad Pitt Removing Angelina Jolie For Good

Always in step with the headlines, Lindsay Lohan says she has a new project in the works — about Russia. The actress was overheard at a luxe Cannes Film Festival villa party telling fellow guests about the upcoming TV series she’s working on.

“She was saying she’s writing it with a partner for Netflix,” a source told us. “And that they’re writing it every day while she’s in town. She described it as being about ‘Russian oligarchs’ — three princesses, and covering different ages.

The source said, “She plans to act and co-direct or direct, but said she hasn’t decided yet.” Lohan also described the show as “kind of like [Netflix series] ‘The OA,” and “she was saying she’s going to Moscow to see some of the people that are working on it with her.”

Also at the bash, hosted by power player David Unger and his Three Six Zero Entertainment, where guests arrived via helicopter, was Adrien Brody. Earlier this year, increasingly international Lohan met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogğan after visiting Syrian refugees. A rep for Netflix did not immediately get back to us.

Brad Pitt Is Removing Angelina Jolie For Good

The actor is said to be starting the process of removing all of the tattoos he had done for her on his body.

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