Thursday, March 23, 2023

Aspen: See Mariah Carey Buy Marijuana In An Evening Gown

Mariah Carey has had an interesting new year, to say the least. Following a very public and very disastrous New Year’s performance, Carey was apparently “mortified.”

But doesn’t mean she isn’t enjoy and living her best life. Carey and boyfriend Bryan Tanaka have been spending the holidays in Aspen, Colorado, and still remain there with her children. What is there to do in Colorado other than skiing and winter sports, you may be wondering? The better question: What is a legal activity in Aspen, Colorado?

That’s right. Mariah Carey is partaking in Colorado’s very green recreational activity. Of course, she’s shining in the way only Mariah can—rocking a full glam evening gown while shopping.

Whether Mariah is using cannabis as an aphrodisiac, perhaps indulging in some “sexy strain,” or a sleep aid is certainly possible. She could be toking to brainstorm some possible next career moves following the New Year’s fiasco. But who’s to say she’s even toking? Maybe Mariah is more of an edibles person, doesn’t want to damage those vocal chords in any way.

One thing’s for sure: Mariah is very much enjoying her time in Aspen. And cannabis could be playing a significant role.

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