Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Teens Ride Horses Through Drive-Thru With Goat Following

Life as a teenager is often boring, especially on long holiday breaks. There’s no school or homework to complain about and break up the day, and your friend are often away on vacation . Plus, if you’re under 16 you’re stuck relying on your parents for rides to escape the house, unless you’re Trajen Collins, 13, and Joel Perez, 15, of Powell, Wyoming, that is.
So, what do they do? Well the teens ride horses through drive-thru with a goat following.

On Friday, the two teens decided they’d had enough sitting around, so they took their two horses and rode into town to get some McDonald’s. “We just wanted to get out of the house and do something,” Perez told the Powell Tribune. Collins added that the two were “just bored.”

As luck would have it, Collins’s goat, named Goat, followed the two teens as they rode the several miles into town. “We started going, and I guess the goat just wanted to come for a ride,” Perez said. “It just started walking right behind us.”

Perez and Collins ordered chicken sandwiches for themselves at McDonald’s, but nothing for their horses or Goat. “We were thinking about getting the goat a salad, but that was it,” Collins said. “She ate grass a little bit earlier.”

When the two boys went into other stores, they tied their horses up outside but not Goat. “She just stayed with the horses,” Collins, who added that the trip was “fun, but cold.”

A Powell Tribune photographer snapped a picture of the odd group walking through the McDonald’s drive thru and posted it to Facebook, where its since reached nearly half a million people.

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