Monday, September 21, 2020
Home Celebrity This Is How Meghan Markle Got Prince Philip To Love Her

This Is How Meghan Markle Got Prince Philip To Love Her has more uses than just finding out who your great grandparents were or figuring out if you’re related to George Washington (this is actually something that the website advertises). Ancestry can also help you charm and relate to your future in laws.

According to the Daily Mail, Markle used Ancestry to do some research in winning over Prince Philip, who, from what we’ve seen on “The Crown,” can be a little jerky.

Markle dug up Prince Philip’s background, which is super fancy, and learned all about him, including the fact that he was born in Corfu, Greece and that he was a member of Greek and Danish royal families before marrying the freaking Queen of England in 1947. His official title now is the Duke of Edinburgh.

Prince Philip was charmed over Markle’s decision to talk to him about his heritage instead of going the traditional route and discussing the Windsor family, which tend to steal the spotlight. The Daily Mail continues by adding that the pair got along very well, and that Prince Philip was a fan of Markle, being drawn and charmed by her bold and confident personality.


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