Prince Harry

This Is The One Thing Prince William And Prince Harry ‘Can’t Stomach’ Doing Together

The bonded brothers are having a really hard time being around one another, mainly because of Harry's newfound celebrity royal status.

Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Might Hire A ‘Manny’ To Care For Their Baby

Meghan Markle has dropped several hints that she has no intention of following any sort of precedent for raising a royal baby. And now we can add male nanny to the list.

Here’s What The New Royal Baby Will (And Won’t) Be Eating

What will this newest little bundle be eating? Certainly not French fries and mac and cheese, which are some of Meghan Markle's favorite foods. Nope. This kid is going to be eating much better, actually.

Did Prince Harry Just Reveal How Many Kids He’d Like To Have?

During a recent celebration for his father, Prince Charles, Harry dropped a big hint about how many kids he wants to have.

Prince Harry Says This Is His Biggest Fear About Becoming A Dad

During a roundtable discussion with Commonwealth young leaders, the expectant father said there's one fear that keeps him up at night regarding his first born.

Meghan Markle’s Natural Birth Plan Includes A Doula And An Acupuncture Regimen

Meghan Markle is planning on having her baby in the most natural way possible. Her birth plan includes an acupuncture regimen and learning a labor technique called hypnobirthing.

Royal Feud Began When Prince William Expressed Doubts About Prince Harry’s Engagement

Royal biographer and columnist Katie Nicholl says that the stress between the royal couples began with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement.

The Royal Family Has A Strangely Large List Of Nicknames For Each Other

The Windsor family has a long tradition of nicknames, with a close source saying that they use these as a way of relieving tension since they're not the best at confronting their feelings directly.