Prince Harry

Behold, The First Look At Meghan And Harry’s Country Pad

The new royal love next, also known as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's countryside home, is no longer a secret. We now have an exclusive first look at the new pad

This Is What Meghan And Harry Might Name Their Baby

Don't expect anything crazy, like Shane or Kylie. However, traditional names like Victoria, Diana and Albert might also be unlikely. Here's why.

4 Ways The New Royal Baby Will Make History

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expecting the monarchy's newest member soon (some speculate as early as March).  Here are four ways little Baby Sussex will make royal history.

Why Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Will Spend Christmas Morning Apart

While both will be hunkered down at Sandringham House to spend Christmas with the Queen, former royal chef Darren McGrady says it's tradition for women and men to have different morning routines.

Meghan Markle’s Dad Reappears To Call Her ‘Controlling’

Thomas Markle goes to lengths to explain that Meghan hasn't answered his phone calls or his texts, and that he hasn't been able to get in touch with her.

Christmas Gag Gifts The Royals Have Given Over The Years

Princess Diana didn't get the memo during her first Christmas as a royal that gag gifts are the presents du jour on Christmas Eve at the Palace. Oops!

The Clooneys Are Expected To Be Named Godparents Of The New Royal Baby

The Daily Mail spoke exclusively to the actor's cousin, who said that Clooney would "make a wonderful godfather" and that Clooney himself almost a "shoo-in" to be asked by Meghan and Harry.

Prince Harry Is Excited To Be Moving Out Of Kensington Palace

News outlets claim that Prince Harry feels “imprisoned” in Kensington Palace, and is happy to be into Windsor palace.