Sunday, August 14, 2022

Meghan Markle’s Royal Protocol Training Sounds Very Intense

Before Meghan Markle married Prince Harry, no one knew or cared about royal protocol. Now, nearly five months after the fact, it’s a phrase that we’ve heard thrown around in different situations with publications claiming that Markle has broken it or is adapting these rules for a new generation of people.

Now that the couple’s first royal tour is about to begin, people are wondering what the deal is with royal protocol, and how much preparation Markle will have to endure in order to meet the Kensington Palace’s impossibly high standards.

Myka Meier, a specialist in etiquette who was trained by a member of The Queen’s Household, told Cosmo that Markle will undergo rigorous training that’ll prepare her before formal engagements, explaining:

In order to show respect to the people she is meeting, she will be briefed ahead of each event on the Senior people she will be meeting and how to greet and address them, solely in order to show respect. From assisting her with what to wear all the way to important topics to speak about, she will have help to ensure she is fully prepared.

Interestingly enough, when royals travel overseas they sometimes have to abandon the Queen’s protocol, adopting the customs of the country they’re in. “Often we see royals wearing outfits from local designers, too, to show respect and support for the country they are visiting.”

All royals will be briefed before each formal meeting about religious, economic and political topics in order to avoid any embarrassments. Royal protocol and royal aids leave little room for royals to mess things up, avoiding putting the Queen and their country in an uncomfortable position.


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