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Melissa Etheridge Pleads Guilty To Marijuana Possession Charge

Back in October, Melissa Etheridge was busted for marijuana possession. As the Grammy-winning country singer-songwriter is an avid cannabis advocate, admitting to lighting up with her kids, this news shocked no one.

Border patrol stopped Etheridge’s tour bus, returning from Canada, and agents discovered marijuana oil aboard. Etheridge pleaded not guilty to the charges of possession at the time.

Now KYFR-TV is reporting that Etheridge will reverse course and plead guilty to misdemeanor marijuana possession charges in North Dakota. She will pay a $750 fine and serve unsupervised probation.

Thomas Dickson, Etheridge’s attorney, told the Associated Press the singer has a legal permit to use medical marijuana within the state of California. Should she meet the proposed orders handed down by the judge, the charge will be dismissed.

If Etheridge’s mug shot is any indication, it doesn’t seem like she’s sweating it.


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