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Miley Cyrus Blames Her Mom For Being Back On The Weed

A few years removed from declaring “weed is the best drug on earth,” then demonizing marijuana to promote wholesome values amidst a 2017 apology tour, Miley Cyrus is back on her bullshit. By that, we mean she’s smoking marijuana again.

The reason why? Because her mom’s doing it. Apparently, Miley’s “mom smokes a lot of weed.”

“My mom got me back on it,” Miley said during a SiriusXM interview. “When I’m just working I don’t think I function at my highest, most intelligent, most being-able-to-be-as-aware-and-as-present, so I don’t smoke when I work.”

Miley also joked her mom almost quit being her manager to start a life as marijuana farmer.

“My dad’s got a farm and she’s like ‘I’m just going to quit everything and grow.’ She’s my manager,” Miley said. “So if my mom quits everything, that’s quitting me to go home and, like, grow weed.  Which doesn’t sound like the best idea. … My mom could barely keep us alive. She’s not going to grow pot.”

We apologize for the possibly exasperated tone, but why are we still talking about this? No one likes to hear themselves talk more about how much or little cannabis they smoke than Miley Cyrus. She has no allegiance or agency toward marijuana, it seems. She promotes it when it’s profitable to do so and decries weed when it’s not.

Equally problematic is the media’s odd fascination with Miley’s marijuana habits. She’s always asked about it. And she’s only asked because who would expect someone like Miley—a blonde-hair, blue-eye good ol’ American darling—to smoke weed? In other words, if Miley wasn’t white, and didn’t so obviously invite controversy like a 15-year-old Los Angeles brat wearing a $150 limited-edition shirt that literally said “CONTROVERSIAL,” would anyone care?

Nope. And neither should you. Smoke weed if you want, Miley Cyrus. Or don’t, we don’t really care. But please just stop talking about it. We don’t need to know anymore about your weed habits.



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