Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Stunt Swag: Noah Cyrus Is Selling Her Tears For $12K

Noah Cyrus, known for her song “Again” and for being Miley Cyrus’s little sister, is planning on releasing her latest EP. As often happens with these events, she’ll also take the opportunity to release some merchandise that’ll be available for only 48 hours.

Billboard reports that Cyrus will be partnering with Pizzaslime, a company that’ll design and sell the sweatshirts and t-shirts, some of which will read, “sry i’m trash,” because low caps are cool and the generation that follows millennials is also very edgy.

But then it starts to get weird.

Other accessories will be available, including shirts with Billy Ray Cyrus’s face and, most notably, a $12,000 bottle filled with “Noah’s Tears.” The product description reads:

This is approximately 12 tears made by Noah Cyrus as a result of sadness. Human digestion of these tears is not suggested ’cause tears are generally pretty salty and that would just be super fucking weird if you drank someone else’s tears.

So each tear is worth a thousand dollars, thanks for the clarification.


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one persons trash is another persons treasure. me & @pizzaslime’s stuff is up now for 48 hrs!

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Noah Cyrus’ merchandise joins a long list of strange products from singers that are meant to make consumers “think” while also getting them to, you know, buy the clothes and the album. Jared Leto’s band “30 Seconds To Mars” recently made the news, not for their music, but for their sweatshirts that list out the income of America’s top female models. They’re pink and worth $75.

What happened to selling sweatshirts and products that say the band’s name or feature a picture of their faces? Is that too much to ask?


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