Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Montel Williams To Debut His Own Brand Of Marijuana

Famed talk show host Montel Wiliams has long been a public advocate for medical marijuana use. Now, he’s set debut his own strain of weed at an event thrown by Women Abuv Ground, a new group that helps women to get involved in the cannabis industry.

Williams was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1999 and soon became addicted to opiate pain killers to help with his pain, leading to what he described as a “horrific battle” with the drug. But soon he tried a new method to combat the pain.

“I shifted over to cannabis and it made a difference in my life,” he said, according to ABC 7. Since then he’s lobbied in favor of medical marijuana on Capitol Hill and in individual states, and last year he founded Lenitiv Scientific, which works to deliver high-quality marijuana products who patients who rely on it.

As a result of his advocacy, Women Abuv Ground is honoring him with a lifetime achievement award. The event will double as the debut for Williams’ first strain from Lenitiv, which will be available at the CannaCool Lounge in downtown LA.

For more on Williams’ relationship with medical marijuana, watch his interview with ABC 7 below.


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