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New Disney Movie Has Same Name As Italian Porn Star, Hilarity Ensues

It’s common for movies to change their names in other countries, due to a better fit for another audience or to avoid confusion with other shows and movies of the area.

In the UK, The Avengers is titled Avengers Assemble due to an existing TV show with the same name. Zootopia is called Zootropolis because studios believed that the new name would resonate more with British audiences.


Moana, the 56th Disney movie which features the company’s first Polynesian princess, will go through a name change in Italy due in large part to Moana Pozzi. Who is Moana Pozzi, you might wonder?

Well, she’s one of Italy’s biggest porn stars and ’90s personalities.

The name says it all #MoanaPozzi#thoseeyes#thoselips#herhair#thatdress#

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The late adult film star appeared in over 100 movies, 50 different magazine covers and unsuccessfully ran for Mayor of Rome under her own political party (aptly titled the Love Party).

Her estimated worth is 26 million euros and, reportedly, legendary Italian director Federico Fellini really wanted to work with her because she stimulated Italians intellectually too.


She truly did it all.

“Moana” will be called “Oceania” in Italy due to the region the movie depicts. You can watch the non-sexy trailer below.

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