Monday, July 6, 2020
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Odds Are High Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Will Name Their Kid This

With the arrival of the royal baby imminent, a new name has emerged as a potential frontrunner for what Meghan and Harry will name it. And it’s a name nobody has bet on, until now.

Even though according to the rumor mill, Meghan has told friends she’s expecting a baby boy, it’s widely believed she’ll have a baby girl. And the odds of her naming it Grace are high, according to U.K. online betting site Ladbrokes.

The name Grace has always been on the short list of what the royal couple could name their first child, but it was a dark horse at best. Now, it’s significantly moved up in the ranks to overtake the top spot.

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Ladbrokes, which correctly predicted that Kate and William would name their first born George, had previously predicted that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would name their child Elizabeth, with 6 -1 odds. Diana and Victoria tied with 8 – 1 odds, and Albert, Philip, Grace and Alice came in near the bottom of the list with 12 – 1 odds. Arthur, James and Mary were even further down the list.

But there’s another name that has surfaced, which nobody saw coming, not even Ladbrokes. And that name is Allegra.


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