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Will Meghan And Harry’s Baby Be A Prince Or Princess?

The next little bundle of royal joy is about to make its way into the world, and right behind “When will Meghan Markle give birth?”, everyone can’t wait to find out if her and Prince Harry’s first child will be a boy or a girl.

And regardless of sex, will baby Sussex have the title of Prince or Princess? The short answer is probably not, unless the Queen intervenes. The law goes way way back to King George V’s 1917 decree that states only the eldest son of the Prince of Wales’s oldest son (William) is entitled to be called His Royal Highness and a Prince. And that honor goes to George.

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According to Town & Country, if Meghan gives birth to a baby boy, he will be known as an Earl, and similarly, if Meghan has a baby girl, she’ll be known as a Lady.

However, the Queen has the power to issue her newest grandchild a title if she feels like it.

As for Meghan herself, can she ever become Queen? As fairytale-esque as the idea sounds, she absolutely can not ever be Queen. She can, however, become a Queen Consort.

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According to PureWow, succession to the British throne is regulated by descent, which is why Prince Charles, the Queen’s son, is next in line, followed by her grandson Prince William. But those who marry into the royal family don’t get a place in the line of succession, which is why Kate Middleton will never be the Queen of England, even when her husband Williams takes the throne. Instead, she will receive the title of Queen Consort. If earning the title of Queen was a competition, Queen Consort would be runner-up.

But for Harry, who has a longer wait to be King (he’s fifth in line for the throne, behind Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis ), it’s unlikely he’ll ever see the throne, which means his wife will likely never become Queen Consort. So, basically, when it comes to Harry and his family, the pressure is (almost) off.

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