Monday, July 6, 2020
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PHOTOS: People Are Going Crazy Over Prince Charles’s Beach Bod

It’s already quite sweltering in Barbados, but it just got a little hotter thanks to Prince Charles and his swim trunks.

During a whirlwind 13-day tour of the Caribbean as part of his royal duties, Charles and his wife Camilla hit up Barbados on Monday for a little beach therapy.  And wouldn’t you know it, the 70-year-old grandfather of three (soon to be four) strutted all over the beach sans shirt, proving he’s still pretty fit.

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Camilla, a year old than Charles, doesn’t look too bad either.

You can click through RadarOnline’s gallery to see the pics, but here are some shots we pulled from Instagram (the saving grace of the internet during times like this):

According to Radar, after their Barbados fun, the couple will travel to  St. Vincent, Grenadines, St. Kitts, Nevis, Grenada and Cuba before capping off the entire royal tour with a trip to the Cayman Islands. But the trip may already be sullied for the prince.

The Press Association said that Charles’s solicitor (his legal aid) sent a letter to various press organizations in the U.K. to remind them of the Prince’s “reasonable expectation to privacy.”

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 A source revealed that the images were taken during a “brief off-duty moment on a major international tour” in circumstances where they would have expected privacy, according to Royal Central.

Clarence House has declined to comment on these reports.

For now, let’s pay homage to the floral print shorts, as we may never get to see them again.


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