Sunday, January 29, 2023

Ridley Scott On What Aliens Would Actually Do To Us If They Visited Earth

During his Alien: Covenant press tour, Ridley Scott was asked thousands of questions that ranged from his feelings about being director once again of an Alien film, to the fate of humanity. He expressed his belief that there are hundreds of superior beings out there and that if they ever have the necessary technology to make it to Earth, we should all just run and hide.

He added that if a group of aliens were smart enough to develop an aircraft that could make it to our planet they must be way more advanced than us, intelligent and hostile. Unlike most science fiction stories and films, Scott thinks that human beings wouldn’t stand a chance against aliens, and that we’d be unable to fight them off, or even put up a semi-decent fight.

“If you’re stupid enough to challenge them you will be taken out in three seconds,”

Ok, Ridley.

According to Scott, there are about 100 or 200 entities out there that we’re all unaware of. Seth Shostack, senior astronomer from the SETI Institute, rebuffed most of his statements claiming that there is no way of knowing how many entities are out there, and that there are probably more than just a couple of hundreds. He also said that there was no way of knowing if they were actually hostile or not. If aliens were to ever make it to our doorstep they’d probably be incredibly intelligent, having developed the necessary technology to travel through great distances of space.

If they were able to accomplish all of this, aliens would probably show up to our doorstep with more noble intentions than to simply eliminate us all from the map and steal our very basic resources (to their eyes, anyways). Shostack did say that if aliens showed up on Earth he’d still run, so there’s that.

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