Monday, March 27, 2023

Watch Neil deGrasse Tyson Eat Nuclear Hot Wings And Explain The Secrets Of The Universe

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a popular figure on this website for a multitude of reasons. A primary reason revolves around him saying quite ridiculous things that is rooted, ultimately, in scientific evidence. Another is that he can be quite poetic describing the cosmos and humanity’s place within this existential infinity.

His recent appearance on Complex’s “Hot Ones” show didn’t disappoint in these regards. Even while munching on the spiciest wings possible, Tyson remained relatively eloquent when speaking about space and science.

It also featured him delivering a very funny SMH to a Kanye West lyric and calling out rapper Immortal Technique for being fake deep. Tyson revealed he wants to dive in to Instagram, like all the cool teens are doing these days, but wants to deliver his own artistic spin on the platform.

This video finds us in the same week that Neil deGrasse Tyson sent a perplexing tweet regarding falling over when quickly taking off his pants. He later apologized for posting the comment, stating that he’d meant to send it in a personal message.

So come for the Kanye burns and stay for the famed astrophysicist describing spicy wings in that Tysonian way of his, commending one hot sauce for its fiery ubiquity that coated the entirety of his taste buds.

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