Seth Rogen Shares Priceless ‘Pineapple Express’ Stories For Movie’s 10th Anniversary

Tales of cross joints, James Franco injuries, and Walter White.

Seth Rogen Shares Priceless 'Pineapple Express' Stories For Movie's 10th Anniversary
Photo by Bryan Bedder/Staff/Getty Images

It’s hard to remember a time when Seth Rogen wasn’t America’s favorite stoner comedian. Starting with the back-to-back releases of Knocked Up and Superbad in 2007, Rogen’s star launched sky high (pun-intended), with both movies quickly becoming cultural touchstones. But is was with 2008’s Pineapple Express that Rogen cemented his status as the sincere goofball stoner that everyone loved.

This week marks the film’s 10th anniversary and so Rogen decided to share some behind-the-scenes tales and fun facts on Twitter. You might not believe this, but some funny stuff went down while filming a movie that includes cross joints, James Franco smashing a bong on Danny McBride’s head, and Bill Hader describing being stoned as feeling like “a slice of butter melting on top of a big ol’ pile of flapjacks.”

Scroll below to read about all the injuries actors suffered on set and how Judd Apatow deemed everyone’s favorite meth kingpin as “not scary enough” to play a drug dealer.

How It All Started

The Injuries

Danny McBride And Stormy Daniels

Bryan Cranston

Random Notes

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