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Seth Rogen Reveals How Weed Makes Him Creative

No matter how much you love your job there is work you simply don’t want to do. Paperwork, meetings, emails. Personally I’m a cliché journalist and loathe transcribing interviews, which is basically an annoying side quest to be completed before you’re allowed to embark on the main story.

It turns out even dream jobs include annoying parts or work you’d rather procrastinate too, as Seth Rogen revealed in a Vulture interview. Rogen was asked how marijuana and drugs inform his creative process, and he said that cannabis has often pushed him forward in getting the job done.

Via Vulture:

What I’ve found, more than anything, is that weed makes me willing to work. When I was young I found that a lot of people I knew were trudging through the workday. They were just waiting to go home so they could do what they really wanted to do and smoke weed. At some point I was just like, “If I smoke weed while I’m working, then I don’t have to do the trudging part.”


If I’m stoned I’ll happily work all day long. I don’t really smoke when I’m acting because I can tell I look stoned, but other than that, being high makes me more willing to spend ten hours doing something that could otherwise get laborious.

Though it isn’t his natural default setting, Rogen does find himself writing sober as well. For the comedian, “moments arise organically where I find myself sober but I never will be like, ‘I’m gonna write sober today.’ ”

Potentially the most eyebrow-raising moment of the interview was when Rogen admitted that “people still ask me if I smoke.” When interviewer David Marchese intimated that it’s a given Rogen is getting high with everyone all the time, the actor responded, “At this point, it should be.”

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