Friday, September 30, 2022

Drake And Sufjan Stevens: The Intense Love Affair Created By Some Internet Genius

You might think Drake and Sufjan Stevens are from separate planets. But one incredible Tumblr account recognizes they share what matter most in this universe: love.

Indeed a Tumblr user who goes by riveyoncé cuoknowles should be considered among those eclectic mad geniuses only the internet can produce. The big news is they released a free mashup album between Drake and Sufjan Stevens called 6 Swans. Not only is the cover art better crafted than some major releases you see today (looking at you, Future), but the songs surprisingly match. You can stream the mashups via BandCamp or Google Drive.

But the real delight lies within, where riveyoncé cuoknowles have created a running fan fiction of the relationship between Drake and Sufjan Stevens. Before you dismiss such potential foolishness, we are here to tell you that it’s pretty damn funny. Little in-joke touches like every word of Sufjan Steven’s dialogue being capitalized and Drake’s appearing in all lowercase raise the concept to a happily fully-realized realm.

A small example: When Drake tries to prepare dinner for his man, “sufi” as he calls him, he announces he’ll start by making a small salad. Sufjan Stevens responds, “You Can’t Do That The Carrots Are My Friends!”

Other celebrities make appearances, such as Beyoncé and Kanye West, the latter of whom only speaks in all bold text and has a brief affair with Sufjan Stevens (808s & Heartbreak was about their relationship is the punchline). The fiction also squeezes in some modern-day pop culture events like Hiddleswift and jokes about Bon Iver and Frank Ocean’s long-awaited albums.

Perhaps to best illustrate the mad dedication to this project, check out this video of Drake and Sufjan Steven’s special marriage day. All of their friends are there, including DJ Khaled, Blue Ivy, Taylor Swift, and many more. (Side note: it’s really a mashup from Jim and Pam’s wedding scene from The Office, but still.)

We hope Drake and Sufjan experience a truly loving and fruitful marriage. If not, we will get over it and look forward to reading about it.

Posted By: Brendan Bures



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