Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Domino’s Pays Aussie $910 For A Missing Pizza Delivery

It’s two truths and a lie time: Domino’s isn’t as cool as Pizza Hut. Domino’s is known for its special recipe of cocaine-laced herb dip. Domino’s owes one hungry dude $910 for one botched delivery.

An Australian man sued Domino’s for breach of contract, Consumerist reports, because the pizza he ordered 18 months ago never darkened his door. He ordered three pizzas, garlic bread, and soda. When he called the manager, he was promised a refund, but that never arrived, either.

The professional pizza peddlers might have noticed their missed delivery and shrugged it off, but not their spurred customer, no sir. He’s a lawyer and a a shareholder in the company. They picked the wrong dude to screw over. A year later, he decided he’d “better go and initiate proceedings,” he told 3AW Radio. He started whipping off court orders, which also went ignored — until now.

He says the chain owes him $910 at this point, including legal fees and his freakin’ pizza refund.

Domino’s issued a statement to the Telegraph:

We can confirm we provided free pizza vouchers to our customer at the time of the incident but we clearly could have and should have done more. We are working to make it up to him and have reached out to our customer this morning to make amends and to ensure he is not out of pocket for any expenses incurred.

In the end, they’re paying up, plus a free lunch on the house delivered to his work. Best pizza party ever.

Does this strategy work for when you get way too high and forget you ordered delivery (or what your doorbell even sounds like)? If so, a lot of people are probably owed a lot of money.

It makes one wonder how many little daily wrongs could be righted if only we all could pass the bar. Maybe this vigilante lawyer and Randy Riddle should get together and overthrow the corrupt pizza delivery industry.

[h/t Consumerist]

Posted By: Samantha Cole


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