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The Hilarious Reason Prince William Won’t Watch ‘Tiger King’

The future king made an appearance on Stephen Fry’s “Big Night In” and joked about life in quarantine.

There’s no better equalizer than being under quarantine. While most of us have run out of things to binge watch in order to tame our boredom, Prince William has managed to steer clear of one of the most popular shows on Netflix right now: “Tiger King.”

Raise your hand if you wish you could get those nearly seven hours of your life back?

The seven-part docuseries about a private zoo owner and a husband killer (allegedly) has been the breakout hit of quarantine. But the future king of England isn’t interested.

While making an appearance on actor Stephen Fry’s “Big Night In,” William poked fun at his self-quarantine situation, especially when it comes to home schooling his three young children, saying, “It’s been a nightmare, really.”

William then asked Fry, who had reprised his iconic role as Lord Melchett, head of the royal household, for the occasion: “By the way have you seen anything good on TV? It’s hell without ‘EastEnders.'”

the kind of sad way prince william found out he was the future king
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“They tell me ‘Tiger King’ is rather good,” Fry (Lord Melchett) replied.

“I tend to avoid shows about royalty,” said Prince William.

Since this was a comedy sketch, we’re not sure if Wills was being serious or just reading his scripted line, but either way, he definitely has a second career as a comedian if the whole British monarchy thing doesn’t work out.

The video clip was posted on Kensington Palace’s Instagram where viewers were delighted with William’s “good sport-ness,” leaving comments like:

This was just amazing! Thank you your Highness for being such a good sport!

This was great! Well done to all involved. Thank you ?

Such a good sport William – and fantastic timing!

The clip aired ahead of William and his family’s participation in the weekly Clap For Our Carers, when everyone in the U.K. shows their appreciation for the workers who are tirelessly working to keep everyone safe and healthy from COVID-19.

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This particular episode of “The Big Night In” was a chance to celebrate the general good spirit, courage and strength of the U.K. during the pandemic.

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