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Visualize the News: Kanye West The Clone And Other Music-Related Conspiracy Theories

Within our hyper-accelerated news culture, it can be tough to keep up with everything. But maintaining an informed populace remains vital to our culture. So for those stories that don’t quite need your undivided attention, we’re helping you digest stuff with GIFS, pics, and whatever qualifies as a quick fix. Remember: Knowing is half the battle. The other half: Laughing at funny memes.

Kanye and Gucci Clones

Rap and conspiracy theories act as twin partners in an unhealthy marriage. You don’t need to dig far enough to hear rumors that Tupac is still alive or that Jay Z and Beyoncé are, like, generals in the Illuminati army.

You may think this is all silly, but hip hop loves playing with its mythic origins and just how surreal the culture can get. Watch one episode of The Get Down and you’ll understand. Conspiracy theories have always served to explain the unexplainable, the weird, the events where human logic don’t suffice. And they’re damn entertaining. Who doesn’t enjoy pretending in JFK conspiracies and rumors about the Beatles?

The latest rap conspiracy theory: That the Kanye West we see is secretly a clone. This explains his “erratic” behavior dissing Jay and Bey, canceling concerts, and becoming besties with Donald Trump. Not only is this public Kanye an imposter clone, the old Kanye is also dead. (Oh, and don’t forget the conspiracies swirling around Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery.)


This clone conspiracy also explains why Kanye was recently hospitalized—he was being sent in for reprogramming. Kanye is an MKUltra victimMKUltra is tacitly known as the CIA’s mind control program—and the UCLA Medical Center is where they now perform experiments.

This Kanye West clone theory goes hand in hand with the recent Gucci Mane clone theory. Yes internet users have posited that Gucci secretly died in prison and the government replaced him with this shiny teeth, politely mannered clone. The biggest change is the seeming disappearance of Gucci’s infamous ice cream cone face tat. “Now that Gucci’s home, it’s over for you Gucci clones,” memorably rapped in Kanye’s “Champions,” but is it all a misdirection?

Now as is typical with conspiracy theories, no one really has a great reason why the government—or anyone—would clone Kanye or Gucci. Are the rappers acting as secret agents from within? Perhaps.  But these conspiracy theories more explain behaviors fans just don’t want to believe than paint a larger Big Brother silently guiding all of society.

But on the real—don’t let them find Tupac.

Why Camila Cabello really left Fifth Harmony

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But could Cabello have left because, well, no one in the group would high five her? That rumor was sparked by the below Twitter video, which shows various awkward moments when Cabello was left hanging. If only someone would high five her, Fifth Harmony would still be whole.





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