Tuesday, June 25, 2024

WATCH: Justin Theroux Says You Should Absolutely Buy Weed For Your Boss

Oh, sweet sweet internet. It’s a land where famous last words can come back to bite you in the ass, over and over again.

Back in 2013, Justin Theroux took questions from GQ readers and his answers couldn’t be more relevant today.

One of the first questions he tackles is how to make a long distance relationship work. Now, if you hadn’t heard, Theroux just split from his famous wife Jennifer Aniston, who lived in LA while Justin preferred to spend most of his time in NYC. According to reports, it was a major reason the two broke up (or at the very least, it didn’t help matters). He responds, “You have to go visit her. You just have to go put the time in and you have to go visit this person.” Okay, Justin.

Theroux, who, along with Aniston, is a cannabis supporter, likely felt much more at home with this question: “My boss asked me to buy pot for him. What should I do?”

Theroux’s answer:

Buy him pot! It’s basically legal everywhere now, so go get him some pot.

More softball questions are asked including “Can you hit on a woman you meet at yoga?” His obvious answer: “No, you can’t. They’re there to do yoga. They’re not there to see your sweaty face trying to hit on them.”

As for when you should split a check, Theroux says it’s a classy move when you’re treating a lady or a person younger than you. But if you can’t afford to pick up the tab, “do that stalling thing and hope the older, better-off person picks it up for you.”

Ironically, Theroux admits he never takes his own advice.


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