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Why Did Avocado Fries Need To Be A Thing?

You know what I like about avocados? They never ever worry about being too much. It wasn’t enough for avocados when they almost ruined millennials’ financial futures. Nor was it enough when avocados became the new trendy way to propose. Nor was it enough when one food manufacturer chemically engineered a Diet Coke version of avocados called Avocado Light.

Because now avocados want to replace the most ubiquitous American food dish possible—fries. Yes, New York’s Avocado Appetit, the fetishistic restaurant that serves only avocados, has included avocado fries on their menu.  Yes, it’s that dish you didn’t know you didn’t need.

How do they make avocado fries? Well apparently they slice the fruit into fry-like slices. Slap on a quick batter, throw them in the fryer, and that’s it. Drizzle some Japanese mayo on top for added flavor, and we have a product that’s officially doing too much.

One Twitter user summed it up succinctly.

Avocados have officially become the superfood that never stops reminding you that it’s a superfood.



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