Why Does Kate Middleton Hate The Color Orange?

Let's break it down.

Why does Kate Middleton hate the color orange?
Photo by Siobhan Dolezal via Pexels

Like the Queen, Kate Middleton has worn just about every color under the sun during her time as a Royal. If you take a look at her past wardrobe choices, you’ll see her donning reds, blues, green, black, white. But you won’t see her wearing one specific color: orange.

As InStyle points out, orange is not only the color of Halloween, according to a color psychology website, “it denotes adventure, happiness and warmth, which, if NYC’s Tinder profiles have told us anything, are positive, attractive attributes!”

Thanks to Harper’s Bazaar Australia, we are able to take a trip down the royal rabbit hole to see all the colors and outfits Duchess Kate has worn during her time in the palace over the past eight years. And, sure enough, with the exception of a peach frock here and there, orange is alarmingly absent from her fashion collection. Says Harper’s Bazaar:

Despite coming close just once in a pinkish peach ensemble, Kate has steered clear of orange in all forms—light, dark or in-between.

Perhaps it’s personal preference, or perhaps she just hasn’t found the orange look to tempt her properly, but one thing is clear—the colour hasn’t gotten its duchess-seal of approval just yet.

While orange is clearly not preferable, Kate has worn blood red-orange dresses and coats several times, as InStyle reminds us.

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