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10 Easy Ways To Organize Your Stuff

Pinterest, Instagram, and other websites are responsible for making us feel like we live like slobs, with all of our belongings thrown around in one big mess. It’s hard to organize your home and to buy the right items you need; we’ve all had to throw out an unused container or two because we made a wrong purchase that didn’t serve a purpose.

Having a beautiful house that looks like it belongs to a home decor catalog is not an easy feat, there are simple and cheap ways of making your house look better and more organized. Check out 10 purchases that will make your home look and feel neater:

Cable management sleeves

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No one wants to see all the cables that connect your TV to your cable, your Alexa, your PlayStation, and internet modem. Cables are messy, dusty, knotty and dirty. The easiest way to prevent cable clutter is to buy a cable sleeve, which will hide the ugly parts and make your life easier when you’re trying to figure out which cable belongs to which device.

Cute notepads

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Yellow notepads are practical but they’re not the best looking pads out there. Luckily, there are hundreds of notepads with all sorts of messages and purposes that’ll encourage you to write more and be more organized.

A toolbox

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Toolboxes are necessary, keeping your tools tidy and helping you find what you need in a short amount of time. Amazon sells several options that range in prices and utility.

Jewelry organizer

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Jewelry needs to be organized and kept separate from each other. Keeping your different pieces in separate sections will make your jewelry look better, last longer, and it’ll also help you see everything you own much more easily.

Dividers for cutlery

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Cutlery should also be divided in boxes or sections, making it much easier when you’re having people over and are looking for that missing fork.

Boxes for toiletries

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Bathroom toiletries can easily get out of hand, especially when you live with several people. Buying transparent or good looking boxes helps everyone keep their toiletries to themselves, or helps you separate your shampoos from your blow dryer and hairbrushes.

Spice cabinet

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Spices are always hard to locate, especially since people tend to have large amounts of them and forget they even have them. Spice cabinets and containers are a must, easily solving a lot of your kitchen and pantry clutter.

Hanging shoe organizer

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Hanging shoe organizers save up a lot of closet and floor space, something everyone desperately wants more of. They’re also awesome because they allow you to pick your shoes while standing up.

Storage bench

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Storage chairs and benches are great, hiding stuff in plain view and serving as surfaces and chairs where people can sit down. Amazon sells different sets and options that fit well with most types of homes.

Umbrella stands

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While umbrella stands might seem like unnecessary additions, they are great for rainy seasons  and for practical purposes. Umbrellas are always laying around in awkward places; stands keep them together, clean, and ready for every occasion.


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