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10 Jobs That Pay $100K With Little Competition

Sometimes it seems that every job we apply for gets snatched up in a matter of hours. Even the ones that don’t come with great pay go quick when competitive company culture and benefits are on the table. But then there are those jobs that not only pay above six-figures, there is little competition to snag them. What is this sorcery? And more importantly, where do we find the gatekeeper?

Glassdoor put together a list of 10 of these types of jobs where, according to Glassdoor’s Economics Research Analyst Amanda Stansell, there is at least one job for every job seeker, per job title. Says Stansell:

While competition is lowest among medical positions requiring advanced degrees, there is still more than one job per job seeker searching for nurse practitioner and physician assistant roles.

Go update your resume because here are the jobs (you can browse actual job openings at these companies on Glassdoor.)

Median Base Salary: $210,000
Number of Open Jobs: 4,613

Median Base Salary: $115,000
Number of Open Jobs: 1,486

Median Base Salary: $200,000
Number of Open Jobs: 1,629

Median Base Salary: $159,000
Number of Open Jobs: 1,048

Median Base Salary: $137,000
Number of Open Jobs: 2,108

Tax Manager
Median Base Salary: $110,000
Number of Open Jobs: 1,904

Pharmacy Manager
Median Base Salary: $134,917
Number of Open Jobs: 1,051

Nurse Practitioner
Median Base Salary: $100,000
Number of Open Jobs: 12,447

Audit Manager
Median Base Salary: $100,250
Number of Open Jobs: 1,298

Physician Assistant
Median Base Salary: $101,502
Number of Open Jobs: 5,226


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